We’re looking for contributors

Dylan Smith

In addition to publishing our own summaries of what’s going on in email, we want to open the floor to you.

Our community members have expressed an interest in reading short-form articles about general email industry topics, best practices, and case studies. They also want how-to guides for email marketing, development, and design techniques.

Article ideas can be completely fresh or inspired by discussion in our community. Your angle can be matter-of-fact or opinion-based. Bring your own style.

If you’d like to give it a shot, send me a sentence or two about your idea in a Slack DM and we’ll go from there.

Please note: As a rare independent platform in the email industry, we’re not interested in publishing sales pitches. If your job/company/book/project is relevant to the article’s topic, a quick mention is fine, but save the marketing for elsewhere.

Dylan Smith is a co-admin of the Email Geeks Slack community and the Design Lead at Taxi for Email, a tool that helps marketing teams make better email.